Battle for Korea
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North and South Korean soldiers meeting together with Chinese forces, to discuss plans to eliminate the GLA threat in Korea

Previous Battle for Tanggula Mountains
Concurrent Operation Scorched Earth
Next GLA Landings in Japan
Conflict GLA-Chinese Conflict
Beginning May 19th 2017
End June 28th 2018
Place North Korea

South Korea

Outcome Chinese-Korean Victory

- GLA terror cell destroyed
- North and South Korea become allies
- Korea joins China against the GLA

Flag of PLA Peoples Liberation Army

Flag of Unknown Faction North Korea
Flag of Unknown Faction South Korea

Flag of GLA Global Liberation Army
- General Ta Hun Kwai

- North Korean Commanders
- South Korean Commanders

- Prince Kassad
PLA Asian Defense Unit 7

- 500 Red Guardsmen
- 240 Tank Hunters
- 120 Brawlmaster Tanks
North Korean Military
- 240 Korean Peoples Army Soldiers
- 60 Type-59 Winsor Tanks
South Korean Military
- 240 Republic of Korea Army Soldiers
- 30 K1A1 Battle Tanks
- 30 K2 Black Panther Tanks
Total units: 1700 forces combined between the three sides

GLA Terrorist Forces

- 600 Rebels
- 200 RPG Troopers
- 100 Terrorists
- 100 Warthogs
- 100 Hammer Tanks
- 100 Devil Tanks
- 260 Technicals
- 140 BM-21 Launchers
Total units: 1600 units

Heavy Massive
Moderate Civilian Casualties

"For now, Korea must become allies to fight the GLA, they already begun attacks"
- Chinese Red Guard forces addressing North and South Korean military units -

Battle information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • Set before the Landings in Japan and after the Battle for Tanggula Mountains, the Battle for Korea is inspired by the Korean War but with North and South Korea becoming allies.
  • Several units such as the K1A1, the K2 Black Panther and many more will possibly make an appearence in the future times. Will they be in battles such as the Second Eurasian Conflict, also in future battles or wars of the series? We will find out later on in Reign of Conflagration.
  • A variant of the Type-59 Battlefighter Tank (aka the Winsor) will be present as lore in RoC, but will possibly appear as an add-on campaign setting China in the First Eurasian Conflict.