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T-34-41 "Boomer" Self Propelled Howitzer
Separatist Boomer Artillery
Drawn from concept and used by the Soviet Union, the T-34-41 Boomer unoccupied by loaders ready to go
Faction GLA Separatists
Cost $1100
Build at Fortified Palace
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Placeholder Place of Origin Russia Flag of Russia
Manufacturer Knockdown Kits, Built at the Fortified Palace
Role Long Range Artillery

Heavy Anti-Vehicle
Heavy Anti-Base

In Service Active

1941-1945 (USSR)
2027-present (Separatists)

- 100mm Artillery Cannon

- Heavy Armour Plating
- Restored Range Finder
- Crew of 4 (Driver, Commander, Loaders)
- Modern All-Terrain Threads

"Keep it steady!"
- Boomer operator -

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Behind the Scenes

  • The T-34-41 Boomer is a fictional variant of the classic T-34 Hammer tank which served as artillery for Soviet forces during Reign of Conflagration's World War II, it is also the artillery for the GLA Separatists.
  • For World War II, like the T-34 Hammer tank will be featured in a World War II expansion/sequel in the storyline of Reign of Conflagration for the Soviet Union.
  • All-thou it is an artillery, it is heavy armoured allowing it to take punishment from enemy tanks but it is still weak to modern technology since it is one of many tanks thatis still aging from World War II.