Type-38 "Cheetah" Mechanic Crawler
Company Cheetah
The Cheetah Mechanic Crawler, fully prepared and ready to work
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $1200
Build at Command Quarters
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Company Cheetah Icon Place of Origin China Flag of China Small
Manufacturer Shanghai Vehicle Support (SBT Division), China
Role Field Support

Explosive Defusal
Vehicle Support

In Service Active
- Repair Modules (x4)

- Infantry Compartment /w Medics
- Front Plow for Mine Sweeping Overhead
- Back Plow for Deploying Bombs
- Trained Mechanic for Repairs

"I'm your handyman"
- Cheetah Crawler operator -

The Type-38 "Cheetah" Mechanic Crawler is a support vehicle issued by the Company of Liberty, built from the Protector Troop Crawler series, it is the vehicle for any commander to help with vehicle repairs and help setting up explosive traps for enemies that wonder like Booby-traps, proximity mines and demolition charges. The vehicle is capable of transporting eight soldiers to the frontline, just in-case they need protection and clearing up mine fields.

Operation and Usage

The Cheetah is useful in deploying explosive devices which can surprise the enemy in many ways, the Type-38 is built to serve as a Repair vehicle which can help with the repairs of friendly vehicles nearby, it replaced the old but still useful M719 Mechanics Humvee and at its finest, the vehicle is a good ride to use when transporting soldiers in and out of the field. The Cheetah's infantry compartment can allow soldiers to reach a battlefield all thou cannot shoot out the vehicle itself, onboard are specially trained medics inside of the Cheetah Crawler is capable of healing soldiers who enter the crawler after leaving a firefight.

They are capable of repairing vehicles with its side and front repair modules and welding torches imported from Japan, similar on the USA's Welder Drone, giving the vehicle a special hand in fixing friendly vehicles if they are near the crawler, which will give it a good capable mobile platform when following tank columns into battle. The Type-38 has many ways to be useful when deployed on the field, The Cheetah has three modes to choose from since its design consist of combat support, transport, explosives disposal and bomb deployment

Battlefield Modes

  • Combat Support Mode - This mode layout allows the Cheetah to repair nearby friendly vehicles after they have been in a firefight, the cheetah crawler with this mode will also help in the disposal of minefields & Bombs which threaten Company's peacekeeping progress.
  • Bomb Deployment Mode - For suprise attacks and deploying mine fields, Bomb Deployment layout allows any Cheetah to deploy explosives on buildings & neutral structures which will surprise the enemy when they get too close, this also consists of demo-charges and mainly booby-traps.
  • Transport Mode - When needed, the Cheetah deactivates its Combat Support or Bomb Deployment Mode & set to a Troop Transport. Any soldiers which are nearby will acquire medical treatment from medics when out of a firefight. Whilst in this crawler mode, the vehicle allows the transportation of 8 Soldiers.

Behind The Scenes

  • Cheetah Mechanic Crawler is based on the Construction Bulldozer, Troop Crawler, Ambulance and Tiberian Sun Mobile Repair Vehicle.
  • The vehicle is made from China's Troop Crawler for the transporting of soldiers andsSensors with USA Construction Bulldozer buckets used for the Cheetah's bomb deployment ability.