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The Flag of Germany, first used by the Weimar republic, also used during World War II

Throughout World War II, Germany was involved in full-scale conflict with terrorist forces known as the Global Front of Liberation. They are the core of the League of Nations along with the United Kingdom in supplying weapons, soldiers and equipment for combat,

Germany's contributions for combat were mainly supplying their infantry with weapons, aircraft and ground vehicles fresh made, from factories across the country to assist their allies when in dire situation whilst fighting terrorist forces.

Adolf Himmler's influence for leading his men into combat grows with the League of Nations in their fight for liberation of Europe and Africa, helping his followers with several combatants from America and the United Kingdom along their side during tough times.


Infantry Weapons

Basic weapons for infantry such the Panzerschreck, Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifles, Mauser C96 pistols, Scoped Gewehr 43, Karabiner 98k rifles and FG-42s were given to all German infantry leading to soldiers and commando regiments.

Cameo Name Description
WWII Germany Placeholder Wehrmacht Private Equipped with MP40s and Karabiner 98k rifles, known to be with troopers equipped with Panzerschrecks, can upgrade to attain Strumgewehr 44 assault rifles for better damage.
WWII Germany Placeholder Panzerschreck Trooper Main anti-vehicle forces, Himmler's personal forces which serve along with many operatives in the Company of Nations.
WWII Germany Placeholder Field Engineer Repairs vehicles for Germany's technical and armed forces, Field Engineers within the German sub-sector are usually in groups, they are capable of capturing buildings faster and equipped with a knife for stealth kills.
WWII Germany Placeholder Combat Medic Field operatives with professional medical training, on the field they serve the cause of freedom by healing nearby comrades, whilst equipped with a Mauser C96 side-arm.
WWII Germany Placeholder SS Commando Second rank operatives towards Luca Kaiser, the SS Commando utilises silenced weapons and explosives, stealthed.
WWII Germany Placeholder Gestapo Agent Secret police units operating for Germany within World War II, these infiltrators can disable buildings and take on enemy infantry.
WWII Germany Placeholder SS Flame Trooper Garrison cleaners, comes equipped with a series of napalm grenades, fuel tanks will explode violently when killed via being ran over or killed by explosives.

Luca Kaiser

Luca Kaiser was given an FG-42 and a Luger P08 with a silencer, he was brought into the Schutzstaffel to help his country fight against the Global Federation of Liberation as a conscript, this was before he became a commando operative for the German sub-sector of the League of Nations.

Cameo Name Description
WWII Germany Placeholder Luca Kaiser Born and raised in Germany in 1902, Luca is a Schutzstaffel commando who was employed into the Company of Nations by Adolf Himmler to take role for leading soldiers into combat, soldiers if they are deployed with Luca will also become inspired with freedom and will cause them fight harder.

Ground Vehicles Provided

Cameo Name Description
WWII Germany Placeholder Blitz Supply Truck To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Volkswagen "Kübelwagen" Scout Basic patrol and scout vehicles of Germany's armed forces, these light vehicles can carry four soldiers.

These vehicles are equipped with a light MG-34 machine gun and are good for spotting enemy units within 300 metres of range, they are moderately armoured and can survive a fight.

WWII Germany Placeholder Panzer III "Lynx" Scout Tank Intended for anti-tank role, but due to the Panzer IV Ocelot's performance, the Panzer III Lynx's role was changed later into a tier 1 scouting unit.

The Panzer III Lynx is great in its job, supporting its armoured Ocelots allies in the field against fast vehicles with its 5 cm KwK 39 L/60 gun, with its highest armor protection of the scout tanks the League of Nations it can survive what others cant.

WWII Germany Placeholder Panzer IV "Ocelot" Tank Fresh off the production line in Germany, the Panzer IV Ocelot battle tank is equipped with a 7.5cm KwK Cannon along with an MG-34 for self defense and dealing with light threats, this makes the tank ideal for combat.
WWII Germany Placeholder Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F "..." Self-Propelled Gun To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Sd.Kfz. 7/2 "Wasp" Anti-Air Track To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Panzer V "Panther" Medium Tank Called to be the best tank of the whole World War II, Panzer V Panther was designed after the Soviet T-34 and its designers managed to perfectly balance the protection, movement and firepower, making it an excellent battle tank which every German commander desires to have in large quantity.

The 75 mm gun fires projectiles at high velocities that break through all armors the terrorists have on their tanks, and move around the battlefield with great speed.

WWII Germany Placeholder Jagdpanther Heavy Tank Destroyer To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Sturmpanzer IV "Hornet" Artillery To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Panzer VI "Tiger" Ausf.B Heavy Tank To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Panzer VIB "King Tiger" Ausf.B Heavy Tank To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Panzerwerfer 42 Mobile Rocket Launcher Track The half-track with eight 15cm rockets which can lay waste to any enemy target, even heavier tanks on the field. Each rocket is stronger than its contemporaries, but for its small payload and longer reload time makes it is vulnerable for a long time before the reloading is finished.

All-thou its weaknesses of long reloads and small payloads make it a common target for enemy forces, the Panzerwerfer rockets can cause heavy damage to enemy forces like the League of Nations' Calliope and Baritone rocket artilleries.

WWII Germany Placeholder Panzer VIII "Maus" Super Heavy Tank The heaviest tank ever produced, Panzer VIII Maus was designed by Ferdinand Porsche as the fear factor to anyone that would think about attacking the Germany and the League. Its armament of 128mm KwK 44 and 76mm KwK 44 guns can make short work of any ground target that gets in their way.

Their giant proportions sports, beside incredible firepower, thick armor that cant be penetrated by most anti tank weapons and only a concentrated and continuous fire can take down these beasts, thought they are also incredibly slow.

Aircraft Provided

Cameo Name Description
WWII Germany Placeholder Bf 109 "Wolf" Fighter Plane To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Fw 190 "Shrike" Interceptor To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Me 262 "Swallow" Jet Fighter To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Ju 87B "Stuka" Dive Bomber To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Heinkel He 111 "Striker" Medium Bomber To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Heinkel He 177 "Griffin" Heavy Bomber To be added...
WWII Germany Placeholder Junkers Ju 52 "Auntie" Cargo Plane To be added...

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Behind the Scenes

  • Instead of Germany being blamed for World War II, they will be working along side with the United Kingdom and the United States instead of being against them during the real war.
  • Contributions from Germany will have real weapons, aircraft and vehicles from history, but due to the timeline being altered, the flag will be the current flag used by Germany rather than the one with the swastika used in the real life World War II, as part of Germany's current laws.
  • Germany in alternate World War II for Reign of Conflagration will be given a good side rather than just the bad side like potrayed in many films and games related to World War II.