Dagger Scout
Andes Armada Placeholder
Dagger Scout units infiltrating an enemy base
Faction New Andes Armada
Cost $600
Build at Recruitment Barracks
Requires Radar Post
Detailed Information
Andes Dagger Place of Origin South America Flag of Brazil Small
Trained Classified - Brazil
Role Advanced Scout


In Service Active
- Silenced M9 Beretta (x2)

- Machete /w Iron Handle
- Radio Earpiece (Imported)
- HUD System
- Spy Beacon

"My Blade thirsts."
- Dagger -

To be added.

Behind the Scenes

  • Daggers serves as the New Andes Armada's scout unit, armed with silenced pistols and machete.
  • They are based around Nod's Shadow Team from C&C 3: Tiberium Wars without their flight ability.