GLA-Chinese Conflict
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The situation in the Peoples Republic of China during the GLA-Chinese Conflict

Previous N/A
Concurrent First Eurasian Conflict
Next US-GLA Conflict
Beginning September 11th 2016
End October 28th 2022
Place Peoples Republic of China
Outcome Chinese Victory

- GLA Terror Cell Disbanded
- GLA Generals Withdraw from China
- China Involved in Eurasian Conflict

Major Battles GLA Beijing Bombing

Hong Kong Crisis
Hubei Province Counterattack
Battle for Tanggula Mountains
Battle for Korea
GLA Landings in Japan
Operation Scorched Earth
Liberation of Kyrgyzstan
Dushanbe Counter Attack

Flag of PLA Peoples Liberation Army of China Flag of GLA Global Liberation Army
- General Gray Chen (Prior to Retirement)

- General Ta Hun Kwai
- General Shin Fai
- General Tsing Shi Tao
- General Leiong Leang
- General Mao Li Chang

- Osuma Deathstrike

- Khaled Deathstrike (Prior to Defection)
- Prince Kassad
- Jarman Kell

Full Chinese Inventory (Pre-2026) Full GLA Inventory (Pre-2026)
Medium Massive
Light Civilian Casualties

"Time to recorrect our mistakes, Kill Them All"
- Battlemaster Tank crew whilst in Balykchy -

Part of the First Eurasian Conflict, the GLA-Chinese Conflict is a series of fierce battles between the Peoples Liberation Army of China and the Global Liberation Army during a six year course from September 2016 to October 2022, the conflict taken place between the two sides in the Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Korea and several parts of the Middle East.

Several countries overall rejoiced against GLA aggression and sided with China to deal with the concurrent terrorist threats within the regions affected, there have been several setbacks for both sides during both First Eurasian Conflict and GLA-Chinese Conflict.

Behind the Scenes

  • The GLA-Chinese Conflict is a conflict part of the First Eurasian Conflict, it is based off the events of the Chinese campaign from Command & Conquer Generals.


  • He was Also involved with Osuma Deathstrike in the GLA Asian Terror Cell command structure.