GLRF Placeholder

GLRF Airbase

An Airfield with Fulcrum fighters preparing weapons and systems for flight
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $1000
Build at N/A
Requires Worker

Supply Stash

Built using robust materials in order to compete with the other big 7 factions, using a similar layout of the USTF's Airfield, GLRF operated Airfields serve as the primary base for all fixed wing aircraft operating in the faction that can be re-armed for more combat runs or recieve repairs if they get damaged during flight and also if they are recalled after combat.

Helicopters including Black Sharks and Hinds along with Battle Balloons can be seen launched from the facility at any point during battle for air superiority, also if ground forces do require backup by all means they can be used for various roles of defense and also attacking any enemy forces but can be targeted and shot down by enemy aircraft, anti-air defenses and vehicles.


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GLRF Superiority

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Units Built

Primary Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Midget Light Bomber

Lightweight and weak, the Midget is the GLRF's answer to all-purpose bombing capabilities. The Midget is armed with a pair of biological bombs, the Midget dosn't do much damage to buildings but it is good in dealing with infantry and vehicles that don't have anti-aircraft escorts.

The plane is very vunerable since its systems are aging, it cannot survive much power from enemy weapons and they must be protected with Fulcrums at all times.

GLRF Placeholder

Forger VTOL Interceptor Salvaged, rebuilt and rearmed for combat against their enemies, as the Second Eurasian Conflict rages on, the GLRF currently utilises this old Soviet-Era VTOL Interceptor with auto-cannons and salvaged engines to keep up with their targets and bring them to the ground, whilst being known to be short lived unlike the Harrier from the Cold-War.
GLRF Fulcrum Icon Fulcrum Jet Fighter

Introduced in Russia around 1983, still in active service today, the MiG-29 Fulcrum serves as the GLRF's main and only superiority fighter for combating enemy aircraft and vehicles. Its ammunition consists of unlimited amounts of rockets, similar ones which were used by former GLA Ratfink.

Fortunately, the ammunition for the aircraft itself are a set of rockets are full of biological anthrax beta, at some point a commander can upgrade the ammunition with a set of into dirty radioactive rockets if desired.

GLRF Placeholder Battle Balloon

Cheap and heavyweight, the Battle Balloon is specially designed to carry large amounts of soldiers and vehicles over areas where the GLA cannot reach, the balloon can allow infantry inside the balloon's side cabins to attack enemy vehicles and aircraft which come close to the vessle itself to stop its advance.

The Balloon's heavyweight armour allows it to become stronger than conventional helicopters and transport VTOL aircraft.

GLRF Placeholder Black Shark Attack Helicopter

The main attack helicopters of Prince Kassad's forces, this Russian helicopter is armed with a pair of autocannons, several anti-ground tockets with two occasional rocket pods.

These helicopters were salvaged and re-used for combat situations for when they are needed to suppress an area for GLRF forces to expand, the Black Shark is the only helicopter with enough weapons to survive hasty conditions in the air.

Viper Cell Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Schwalbe Jet Fighter

Known as the first jet fighter built in history, Messerschmitt's finest and jet powered Me-262 Schwalbe (Swallow) is a fighter equipped with a set of machine guns and rockets to take on any units, the aircraft attack all units either air or ground.

Not replacing any aircraft regiments inside the Cobra Cell but used as a unique unit for combat, the Schwalbe can be upgraded to be equipped with a pair of bombs to cause massive damage but it will be vunerable to aircraft if it does get upgraded at anytime since the Swallow is mostly used for anti-air or anti-ground duties.

Others will be added.

Cobra Cell Aircraft

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Komet Rocket Interceptor

The evolution of aircraft before the introduction of the German built Me-262 Swallow, the Messerschmitt Me-163 Komet is a rocket powered interceptor aircraft that was introduced in 1944 as part of Germany's lineup, equipped with machine guns.

Despite being phased out in 1945 before the end of World War II due to the aircraft being set back several times, it managed to be replicated by various manufacturers under GLRF contract using experimental SCUD missile engines along with rebuilt operational replicas of Walter HWK 109-509 engines.

All-thou pilots that fly the Me-163 Komet are specially selected they are also instructed to crash into enemy units if things go bad for them, if possible the pilot operating the Komet might be able to get out before it crashes into a target.

Others will be added.

Armadillo Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Hind Attack Helicopter Old but still a powerful helicopter, the classic Mi-24D Hind-D has been around for Solimaan's airborne support to assist ground units by bombarding the area with barrage of AT-missiles and transporting infantry.

His Hind helicopters are bought directly from post-Soviet states in Eastern Europe rather than salvaged, they are expensive but they are good for taking on enemy forces on the ground and air with a minigun, rocket pods and Anti-Air Missiles.

Replaces the Battle Balloon for the sector

GLRF Placeholder Flanker Interceptor

Fighters built to last, equipped with Heat-Seaking Missiles and a small Autocannon to take on their enemies. Sheik Solimaan utilized Su-27 Flankers to support his ground battalions units from the air.

The fighters were recently improved for airborne dynamics whilst several numbers in his military forces are being reserved with a number currently under restoration, the Su-27 Flankers are still flying around Saudi Arabia protecting their leader.

However to the extent of other factions, it is unknown as of today on how Solimaan got his hands on these fighters.

Replaces the MiG-29 Fulcrum for the sector

GLRF Placeholder Fishbed Close Support Bomber Sheik Solimaan isn't a fool whilst he is in battle, he knows that this aircraft isn't armoured but yet fast, so the MiG-21 Fishbed works as Solimaan's personal close range support bomber with a single barrel autocannon for strafing enemies whilst going fast.

It can also be seen sometimes eluding enemy missiles and also outrunning anti-aircraft vehicles, due to pilots being experts in air combat. Ibrahiim utilised these fast aircraft to strafe and bomb targets given to the pilots via co-ordinates from main command.

Replaces the MiG-15 Midget for the sector

Behind the Scenes

  • GLRF operated Airfields provide services of airborne protection to all GLRF forces on the battlefield in the battlefields of the world, all aircraft can be repaired and re-armed here.
  • Currently, all sectors of the GLRF with the exception of the Armadillo Cell will utilise the same aircraft to keep their superiority of the sky in their control, the units within the Armadillo Cell with replace three of the GLRF's primary aircraft (listed above replacing their closest counterpart).