Improvised Armour
Improvised Armour

Armour Upgrade

Mules, Ambulances and Steelrats with Improvised Armour installed
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $1000
Research At Weapons Facility

Nowadays tanks don't have to salvage armour pieces from old and blown up tanks on the field or at scrapyards in the world, Company of Liberty Generals uses the method on the usage of additional armour for vehicles on the battlefield, thus allowing them to perform the best of their capability whilst under additional protection.

Placing armour pieces on the back and on the sides of vehicles, including a bullbar on the front, allowing them to become more resistant on the battlefield. All-thou giving affected a 20% armour increase, vehicles can survive longer on the battlefields from many weapons.


All-thou affects the Company's Hummer H1 Ambulance, D-34TR Steelrat and Mules; the vehicles acquire an armour increase, a health increase and also many other improvements to their armour allows them to become more effective in groups while deployed on the battlefield. Improvised Armour doesn't effect weapons, speed or manoeuvring of Ambulances and Mules but will slow down the Steelrats by abit, but it is known as the only side effect which is being worked on.

Sometimes operators of the vehicles affected by Improvised Armour can use this benefit to take on large amounts of enemies when the effected vehicles are with soldiers, with exception of the Ambulance; other vehicles and also with transporters, allowing them to perform more better when in these types of groups or when they perform whilst they are together working to assist their


Affects: Steelrat, Ambulance, Mule
Type: Armour and Health Increase


Adds Spiked Bumper
Armour Plates on Sides & Back
Health Increase
Armour Increase

Pros of Improvised Armour

  1. Improvised Armour increases health of all Tier 1 Vehicles by a small amount, causing them to become more resistant on the field, allowing additional survival.
  2. Due to having armour plates and a spiked bumper on the vehicles, the armour allows them to become more reliable for a small time until Tier 2 and 3 vehicles can be unlocked by generals promotions & structures.
  3. With the armour installed, it has additional health points which can help it outstand additional damage until they are destroyed by hostile units.

Cons of Improvised Armour

  1. Unfortunately, the parts are known help substain damage for longer periods of time, the armour does do give extra protection to explosive weapons and small-arm fire, Improvised Armour also does give a small vunerability of extra damage against Tank Shells.
  2. Steelrat Tanks will become abit slower than usual by 10%, effects on the speed after installing the armour on Mules and Ambulances don't have any slowdown due to their engine capabilities.

Behind the Scenes

  • Improvised Armour is based on the Composite Armour upgrade, the Improvised Armour upgrade don't just offer boost in their health, but a boost in their armour.
  • This allowed them to become more resistant to many weapons such as small-arms, toxic weapons, radiation and fire based.