Martollo Gang House
Mercenary Placeholder
The Martollo Gang House ingame with sets of vehicles and gang members
Faction Martollo Cartel
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires N/A

Housing the Martollo Cartel's gang members and their vehicles, the gang house includes a makeshift helicopter pad, which cover the faction's flagpoles with a set of structures based around several civilian buildings which can allow the gang to blend with the scenery in city areas, they are mostly common all across South America due to fighting government forces and the New Andes Armada during the South American Civil War.

However they tend to blend in with the scenery, the gang houses can be spotted easily since there will be a helicopter on top of the helicopter pad and the flag poles, losing its primary cover and will alerting nearby South American government agents and soldiers to engage on sight if they spot the hideout from either the sky or on the ground; all Gang Houses holds all infantry of the Martollo Cartel, all ground vehicles and even its scout aircraft, since they might look crude they are tough enough to take some punishment from enemy units.


Cameo Name Decription
Martollo Watcher Watcher Several gang members enlisted to take the streets with rage as they decided to take on government forces of the New Andes Armada across South America. The Watcher is armed with a Steyr Wonder 2031, they can do a decent amount of damage, they are trained in fours and come out early than standard infantry.
Martollo Guerilla Guerilla Rocket soldiers of the gang, they are reliable against enemy vehicles with their RPG-13 Direct 2028 rocket launcher. Armed with a set of Red Heat fueled rockets which causes burns on anything they hit. All-thou the Guerillas are mostly good against vehicles, several soldiers can kill them still. They are trained in pairs.
Mercenary Placeholder Heartstopper Expert Snipers which operate within controlled cities and neighbourhoods across South America, Heartstoppers are good in dealing with piercing enemy armour and killing enemy infantry from miles away. All-thou they have experience in sniping, their Steyr HS .50 Anti-Material rifles can do good damage against enemy units.
Cartel Cavilera Icon "Cavilera" Light Tank Light armoured divisional tank, used by the former GLA. Mostly used for diversion purposes, their light armour can deal with enemy tanks in teams of 4-5, all-thou weak armoured due to its rusting armour, it has a small rocket launcher which does decent damage against enemy vehicles.
Cartel Talon Technical "Talon" Scout Fast transport vehicle, the standard technical of the cartel. Decent in scouting duties with soldiers inside, it has decent armour whilst taking on enemy infantry, occupants cannot attack enemy units whilst the vehicle.
Cartel Gladiator APC Icon "Gladiator" APC Light armoured transport vehicle, armed with a pair of 50mm cannons. Decent in dealing with enemy vehicles whilst boasting decent armour, the Gladiator APC can transport 8 soldiers around the field.
Cartel Panther Icon "Panther" Battle Tank Refurbished tanks built from knockdown kits, medium armoured. It comes with an 75mm cannon and several armour pieces and spike bar to help the tank survive, it don't have much speed unlike the Cavilera but it does have good armour and decent attack power.
Cartel Hunter Panther Icon "Hunter Panther" Tank Destroyer Tank destroyers of the Martollo Cartel, based off the Panther Tank chassis. The Hunter Panther was first built during World War II. Rebuilt through robust materials, refurbished with advanced equipment and heavily armoured to withstand power against tanks, it can destroy anything the enemy throws at them.
Mercenary Placeholder "Panther" Artillery Experimental artillery version of the Panther, heavy armoured and inaccurate. The Panther Artillery wasn't built during World War II but the Martollo Cartel decided to build the unbuilt tank to see how it operates, after results from bombarding several bases, the mysterious cartel used these artileries to bombard Andes Armada Positions.
Mercenary Placeholder "MD-500 Defender" Stolen light gunship helicopters used for air superiority, armed with 50. Calibers and rocket pods. During time, there have been several robberies of military helicopters that the Martollo Cartel have stated, the MD-500 had several units stolen from plants across South America. They are light armoured but equipped with good weapons.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Martollo Cartel's Ganghouse is based around the inspiration to the Arms Dealer of the GLRF.
  • It will have civilian buildings along with a makeshift helicopter pad for MD-500 Defender Scout Helicopter.