Molotov Grenedier
Reich Grenadier Skin Test
Molotov Grenedier in combat with Conscripts by their side
Faction Forth Reich of Yuri
Cost $300 - Trained in triplets
Build at Underground Training Facility
Requires Tier Upgrade 1
Detailed Information
Reich Molotov Trooper Place of Origin New Russia Flag of New Russia Small
Trained Classified
Role Basic Infantry

Basic Anti-Vehicle

In Service Active
- DP-46 Launcher

- Flak Vest
- Military Cap /w Logo
- Compass
- Radio Set

"I have to carry this around?"
- Molotov Trooper -

Whilst freedom was in the grasp of the Forth Reich, Molotov Grenadier troopers are the mainstay of Yuri's main anti-vehicle infantry division, these troopers are equipped with launchers which utilise napalm based munitions at enemy forces. Mainly used against enemy vehicles on the battlefield, Molotov Troopers work well when there are Conscripts around them, giving them cover when fightings.

Combat Unit Served

Serving for the Forth Reich's main infantry divisions like the Conscripts, Molotov Grenadiers are the main core of the infantry attack forces whilst serving the Frontvolk Corps along with various other infantry such as Rothemd, Igla Troopers & Combat Engineers.

Whilst the Molotov Grenadiers serve as basic anti-vehicle units, they are easily outdated later into battle by Tesla Trooper units, all-thou they are mostly Tier 1 infantry like Conscripts and support units within the accociated tier when deployed, they are still good even if Tesla Troopers or Cyborgs are on the field in defensive ways.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Molotov Grenadier is based around the Flak Trooper from Red Alert 3, along with a Molotov Launcher instead of a Flak Cannon.
  • He is good along with Conscripts whilst fighting along side them, they work well in buildings.