Radar Center
Company Radar Center

Company Radar Center

Radar Center operating for spotting enemy personnel
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $1000
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

Supply Facility

This structure, known as the Full Range Radar Center or Radar in short, is a Tier 2 structure which allows the construction of tier 2 structures, defenses, vehicles and training infantry for the Company of Liberty. This facility also holds the Company of Liberty's radar capabilities for eye in the sky purposes, holds a specially designed holds Radar Scan which can reveal a large region to spot and search for any enemy positions and hostile units..

Preperations, Solar Power and Space

The Radar Center isn't just a technology structure which houses capabilities for commanders to unlock tier 2 equipment, upgrades and spying on enemies in the open, the structure is prepared with a fully operational lounge with HD televisions and refreshments for visitors to relax and wait while they are waiting for their appointment or trips with various organisations, the structure also provides a restaurant service for people who want to dine while off-duty, also good for dates as well.

The Facility has a functioning telescope for sightseeing in space, to allow scientists to discover planets' watch for unidentified objects and also check for space shuttles used by China, America or other countries. The structure also comes with some functional solar panels, which help reduce the C02 produced by the facility and help save the environment & combat climate change.

From an Interview

"The Radar Center is a structure that the Allies used to utilise during WWII, Vietnam War & Cold War. Today, the Company of Liberty takes hands on rebuilding these finest buildings to their former glory in effort to take down the Global Liberation Resistance in scanning for hostiles and also serving its Allies of the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network and protecting the Iron Dragon Division of China and the United States Task Forces."

- Company Executives at a meeting with OAT Officials -

Radar Scanning

The scientists inside the radar facility have the capability on searching the battlefield for hostile forces which could be a threat to the Company of Liberty or its Allies once built. along with this, the facility won't require a generals promotion since its based off the usage of Spy Satellite technology authorised for use by the United States of America, all-thou it must recharge its scanners after revealing a large region for about 1 Minute.


Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder Radar Scanner Allows commanders to scan a location for hostile forces and help find resources to finance their operations against the GLRF's terrorist forces, and the Forth Reich. Satellites in space can help the peacekeeper faction locate any of these threats if there isn't any friendly units within these locations where the Company's armed forced would like to check out, nearby areas for supplies or tech structures for use to ensure good combat effectiveness.

Upgrades Provided

The Structure is capable of holding Tier 2 Upgrades to help their forces on the field. These include additional members to support the faction, armour for vehicles and weapons.

Cameo Name Description
Company Placeholder MANERGY Drinks Gives all Infantry within the Company bottles of MANERGY, improving their survival capabilities to 10%, this also increases their speed on the battlefield.
Company Placeholder Helicopter Weaponry Upgrade All Mi-24 HindsAH-64 Apache Gunships recieve a set of rocket rods and UH-60 Blackhawks recieve a set of gauss cannons. This upgrade allows the Hind to target hostile aircraft within its range of fire, allows Apaches to launch a small mini-earthquake and allows the Blackhawk to attack, the Hind and Apache ground weapons are not effected but provides additional weapons.
Company Placeholder Followers of Liberty Grants Battle-Squads 4 additional members, making the group a 12 man platoon to make it a multi-role group, there will be 4 Skyguards to the group which will help in anti-air.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Radar Center is based off the Radar Buildings from older games of the Command & Conquer which provide Factions in the games with Radar from designated structures.
  • The structure has been modelled and currently ingame.