Second Eurasian Conflict
Second Eurasian Conflict Map

The current situation in the Second Eurasian Conflict

Previous First Eurasian Conflict
Concurrent Kalini Crisis

Middle Eastern Crisis

Next World War III

War Against Machine

Beginning July 14th 2026
End Ongoing
Place The Entire World
Outcome - Peacekeeper operation begins

- GLRF Terrorist attacks occur
- Civil Wars Occur

Major Battles GLRF-North American War

South American Civil War
Chinese-South American War
ECM-Brotherhood Conflict
ECM-Martollo Conflict

US-Chinese Coalition

- Flag of USTF United States Task Forces
- Flag of PLA Iron Dragon PLA

(Allies with AN Peacekeepers)

AN Peacekeeper Unit

- Flag of CoL Company of Liberty
- Flag of ECSN Eurasian Commonwealth
- Flag of NAA New Andes Armada
- Flag of Unknown Faction Middle East Alliance
(Allies with the US-Chinese Coalition)

Terrorist Initiative

- Flag of GLRF Global Liberation Resistance

Yuri's Armed Forces

- Flag of Yuri Forth Reich of Yuri

- Flag of USTF Sears Nollis

- Flag of USTF James Soloman
- Flag of PLA Chinese Government

- Flag of CoL OAT Executives

- Flag of ECSN Osman Hammond
- Flag of NAA Henrique Solano
- Flag of Unknown Faction MEA Commanders

- Flag of GLRF Prince Kassad

- Flag of GLRF Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan

- Flag of Yuri Yuri
- Full USA Inventory

- Full Chinese Inventory

- Full Company Inventory

- Full Eurasian Inventory
- Full Andes Armada Inventory
- Israel & MEA Allies

- Full GLRF Inventory
- Full Forth Reich Inventory
- Moderate USA Casualties

- Heavy Chinese Casualties

- Minor Company Casualties

- Moderate Commonwealth Casualties
- Heavy Andes Armada Casualties
- Minor MEA Casualties

- Massive GLRF Casualties

- Moderate Forth Reich Casualties

- Over 500,000 Wounded/Killed

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