Osman Technic
Eurasia Placeholder
Technics in action repairing a nearby friendly vehicle
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $600
Build at Security Camp
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Eurasian Technic Place of Origin Turkey Flag of Turkey Small
Trained Osman School of Engineering
Role Utility Operative
In Service Active
- Toolbox /w Tool

- Hardhat
- HUD Visor
- Radio Set
- Flak Vest, Overalls

"I can figure it out."
- Technic -

The keys to victory were given to these unique engineers, the Eurasian Commonwealth Security Network decided to enlist Osman Technics to support and capture buildings when required, their trusty futuristic style makes them a tool for base expansion and securing important supplies.

All-thou they don't have orders to create any utility based emplacement or bunker, they do have orders to stay around after a structure is captured; All-thou their skills are known to be the best all-time in their employment.

Enlisted to Serve

After studying at the Osman School of Engineering, these operatives were given a chance to serve in the name of peace whilst working with Osman Defense Industries. Utilising their skills on securing structures and keeping them buffed to a shine after they are repaired, captured or built.

All-thou they take control of a structure for a while, there skill in reparing could help them until they are good and clean; along with helping their fellow soldiers after occupying the buildings after capture; they help with keeping them in order.

Behind the Scenes

  • These are inspired by the GDI Engineer from C&C 3 Tiberium Wars.
  • These unique Engineers won't go after a structure is captured, they will stay around and repair Drones & Vehicles owned by the Eurasian Commonwealth themselves or their allies.
  • He is unique in his own wats unlike other engineers and other infantry that can capture structures.