Volunteer Battle Squad
Company Placeholder
Volunteer Battle Squad in a fierce group, preparing to take action against enemy forces
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $800
Build at Barracks
Requires Radar Center
Detailed Information
Company Placeholder Place of Origin Kazakhstan Flag of Kazakhstan Small
Trained Volunteer Training Camps, Akmola
Role Combat Squad


In Service Active
- FN-FAL Assault Rifles

- Remington M870 Shotguns (Optional)
- Recoiless Rifles
- Company Flag /w Banner
- Backpacks of Ammo

"The oppressors must Die!"
- Volunteer Squad Leader -

The Battle Squad is a group of 6 Experienced Acolytes which have been selected as a group to cause trouble against their enemy, good for a distraction which will cause great confusion to any hostile faction enemy within their range. The group consists of 6 Rookie Blue Helmets with assault rifles and Shotguns, also working with a set of Tankgunner Acolytes with Recoiless Rifles, their objective is to work together for survival against the enemy no matter what their objective is.

On the Battlefield

The Battle Squad is the Company of Liberty's version of the GLRF's Combat Mob consisting of members who work in the Organisations Against Terrorism, their equipment consists of Shotguns, Assault Rifles and Recoiless Rifles including ammunition. The Group has lots of of ammo in their three bag packs mostly worn by random Acolytes in the group whilst in the group, they also have bottles of water in their backpack instead of normal ammunition for missions of their own.

Behind The Scenes

  • The Battle Squad is similar to the GLA's Angry Mob but instead of roaring crowds of angry civilians brought together by the GLA.
  • Battle Squads are inspired by the Infantry Squad logic of C&C 3 Tiberium Wars.